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Cold and Slow

The last few days have been so cold here in Monmouthshire that everything outside is completely frozen.  It’s been hard work walking up the fields to tend to the horses, over the uneven ground which is now furrowed and unyielding. … Continue reading

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Flash and Flashier Fiction

It’s very short, it’s catchy, and every word counts.  This is a ‘bite-size’ piece of fiction that must be a self-contained story and leave the reader satisfied.  It may be charming, gruesome, or anything in-between, but it must contain that … Continue reading

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Ode to Goldie

You’re dancing on air again, my lovely; naked in a velvet cloak and snow-white socks. Tresses wind-borne, high as a comet’s tail, piaffer with a ballerina’s grace.   In the cadence of your footfalls time is stilled, your body held … Continue reading

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Baby Blogger

Hello World! I’m a veteran writer. I have written all my life and been published in various paper-based formats:books, papers, articles, reports.  I realised some time ago that I needed to embrace technology as a means to generate more publicity … Continue reading

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