Baby Blogger

Hello World!

I’m a veteran writer. I have written all my life and been published in various paper-based formats:books, papers, articles, reports.  I realised some time ago that I needed to embrace technology as a means to generate more publicity and reach more readers.  It’s been interesting and time consuming.  Some of it I love, but not all of it.   I have managed to learn the essentials of website development, have become adept at Tweeting, and posting on Facebook, but I am most definitely a baby at blogging.  In fact, I’m so new to it that this is my very first blog. I expect you can already tell.  Yet I am so inspired by some of blogs I’ve read I’ve decided to try my hand and see what happens.

Here is where you’ll find my musings.  Expect some poetry, short stories and commentaries on things dear to my heart and perhaps things not so dear too, on which I choose to voice an opinion.  Who knows where it might lead.  But first of all there is the usual steep learning curve to ascend before my words can soar into the ether and land on unsuspecting recipients who may or may not appreciate them – in this instance, how to use the WordPress toolkit.  Bear with me!



About Dr. Elaine Atkins

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One Response to Baby Blogger

  1. mirren68 says:

    As my co-author in writing the novel Eight of Cups, I have never heard Elaine refer to herself as a novice (or baby) at anything! But as you can see, it hasn’t been for long. She is a living and true example of what you can achieve when you direct your focus and efforts onto it. So all you potential bloggers – take a leaf out of her book.

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