Birth of a new price comparison website: happenstance or fate?

I’ve been away from here for far too long; my excuse is that a really BIG project of which I am Communications Director has been keeping me very busy, and testing my writing skills every day!  Last week was launched, after months of lead-in preparation: research, planning, development and writing – lots of writing – from insurance and money guides to minutes of meetings and reports on research findings.  It’s a new price comparison site, and Yes, there are lots of others out there, currently we may be little fish in a big pond, but this one is different.  It donates 25% of company profits to a number of Associate UK Charities which are close to our hearts.  Not the biggest charities, not the best-known, but nevertheless interesting and all of them doing amazing work in their sector.  Read more about them here.

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But I’m racing ahead of myself.  Let’s backtrack to how this all began.  You might call it happenstance, or even fate, but I met an Accountant in a pub, who introduced me to her brother and his colleague, and it just turned out that between us we had all the skills required to set up a price comparison site: IT and SEO, Web design and development, finance and contracting, research and copy writing.  We also shared a desire to make money – for ourselves, and for charity, and to put our skills to good use to save consumers money on financial and insurance products.  Hence with the synergy of a quartet playing an exciting new piece, Care and Compare Limited was born – with a mission to become a commercially successful company with a socially responsible heart.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing.  For a start each of us has other jobs and family roles which take up most of our time, so Care and Compare overlays all of that.  Like all new groups we’ve been through the Belbin typical group stages of ‘forming’ and ‘storming’, as we’ve got to know each other better and tried to develop understanding of preferred working patterns and stress triggers. I’d say we’re now ‘norming’ and getting into ‘performing’ as one week post-launch the brand is beginning to become noticed.  Hopefully ‘mourning’ will be some years away because we’ve not yet made that first £million!

My induction into the world of charities came with some big surprises, and a few disappointments too, as I discovered that one international charity of which I have been a life-long supporter would not even allow me to speak to a human being in the Fundraising Team! I’ll say no more for now – the charity world will be the subject of a future post.

Happenstance or fate?  Time will tell; watch this space.  I must take the opportunity to do a commercial now because it’s good for business! If you’re in need of a quotation for any kind of insurance whether personal or business insurance, we can compare cheap quotes for you.  For example, click here to compare car insurancevan insurance or motorbike insurance. You could even save money on life insurance, pet insurance or home insurance.

If you want to search for competitive finance products try us too; searching is fast and simple. Click here to compare money products for great deals on loans, to compare mortages and compare credit cards.

We believe in this business; we really do.  The more quotes retrieved and policies taken out the more we can donate to charity (and note that there are no extra costs to consumers for this – the cost is all ours).  As our motto says: YOU save, WE give!


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